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CS Traduções is seeking to consolidate and develop as a key player in the market of linguistic services.
By rigorously selecting our working team, we ensure and guarantee the excellence of our end product. Therefore, through our selection criterion, we have a team of professionals of the highest quality and efficiency.
In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), applications will only be accepted from applicants who can prove compliance with the GDPR.
If you think that you meet these work criteria and are interested in joining our team, please send us an email giving the following information:
  • Your personal data
  • Mother tongue
  • Areas of specialisation
  • Your references (clients, companies, translation companies...)
  • Your experience in translation / revision / proofreading / transcription / linguistic customisation
  • Academic qualifications
  • Current rates
  • Other relevant information (other jobs, bilingual skills...)
  • >
Send CV: cstraducoes.pt#colaboradores
In compliance with the GDPR, we apply the right to request access to, rectification and erasure of information, the right 'to be forgotten' and the right to data portability.
After analysing the CVs received from applicants, the applicants selected will be contacted to request their consent for us to keep their personal data. We will not keep CVs or any other personal data supplied by candidates who have not been selected.
Personal data of selected candidates will be kept and used only in relation to the purposes for contacting you to use your services to undertake projects awarded to you, to make payment to you for projects completed and to comply with legal requirements.
Personal data will be remain in our database in individual files that are easily accessible, to be viewed by the team member and sent to the member by email on request, to be rectified or erased at the request of the team member. Personal data necessary for legal purposes may only be erased after the legal purposes for which it was collected have been fulfilled.
In the event that a team member ceases to provide services at our company, the individual file and personal data of this member will be erased from our database, with data retained solely for compliance with legal formalities (payments, Social Security or Tax declarations) and for the period of time that is strictly necessary to fulfil these purposes. On termination of services at our company, the member will be contacted by the company, if necessary, in compliance with any legal formality arising from the service carried out.
On termination of services at our company, members shall also have the right to take their individual file on request.
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