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Certified Translations
In Portugal, translations can be certified by Chambers of Commerce and Industry, as well as by lawyers and solicitors (Decree-law N°. 237/2001 30 August).
Certification may be requested by the customer upon payment.

Price list 2018
Portuguese <> French From 0,08 € per word
Portuguese <> Spanish From 0,09 € per word
Portuguese <> English From 0,10 € per word
Portuguese <> German From 0,10 € per word
Portuguese <> Italian From 0,09 € per word
Other language combinations Contact us
Complement for certified translation 8,33 € + expenses (25 €)
Price per word based on the original document. Plus 23% VAT. Prices may be changed without previous notice.

These prices include the translation of document by an expert translator and the proof-reading of the translated text to assure the quality of the final work.

Express Translations
-> 35% is added to the normal price
For express translations you should expect at least 24 hours for the delivery of the translated document.
Valid option for documents with less than 1500 words.
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